Misconceptions related to composite decks


Composite decks after being installed in the house become prone to a lot of misconceptions. It is necessary to adopt all the measures and install these composite decks carefully. 

Some of the common misconceptions related to composite decks include the following

  • Composite and PVC decks can heat up

Although this is true, it may not always hold to be valid. The decks usually get hot owing to the temperature. If you have a cedar or pressure treated deck, and isn’t surrounded by heat, it will eventually get hot. 

Decks that are of dark color and painted in dark color will also become very hot. If you are scared about the decks getting too hot, you should prefer going for either lighter colors or planting some trees around your deck. 

  • Composite decks are slippery

Composite decks are considered to be slippery but they necessarily aren’t slippery. The decks have embossed grain patterns which eventually increases the traction and avoids the risk of falling down. Wood decks are slippery as compared to wet and mostly if there is surface residue. 

The wooden decks aren’t really slippery during winters because the water eventually turns into ice. However, if the water on deck freezes to become ice there is a risk of slipping. 

  • All the composite decks are made from same thing

The decks are made up of a mixture of organic and inorganic substances. However, the relation to decking is one of the most important things to consider. The material from which deck is made will vary depending on the materials.

A lot of people will use wooden flour, bamboo and even rice. Not every material deck will work out. The price and availability of materials is one of the most important things to consider. The performance and cost will eventually help to enhance the impact. Any brand who is offering you composite decks at a low price surely has something negative involved to it. Thus, you must consider checking with it thoroughly. 

  • Composite decks are more expensive than traditional wood decks

Wood deck railing are expensive but there is a charm to structure. The design of wooden decks will eventually have an important impact on the price and it would vary accordingly. Initially, the composite decks are very expensive and if you want to stay back in your homes, you should choose something that offers you complete comfort. Whenever choosing the deck, you should also consider the future costs.

Spec wood can provide you a range of wooden decks that will eventually help you enhance the impact.