Remember this when you are choosing a type of grass for your Lawn

when you are choosing a type of grass for your Lawn

Not quite sure as to what would be a perfect match for your lawn? Your search here is over because we can clear your queries instantly. Make sure you read this carefully and choose the best Lawn grass among all. In addition, if you’re looking for residential lawn mowing milwaukee, then make sure you read this till the end.

Points to remember when choosing a lawn grass:

Read this list and find yourself the best grass option for your Lawn. Every Lawn needs a different type of grass and different maintenance. Here’s the ultimate guide mentioned below.

  1. Is there a lot of shadow on your lawn?

There are a lot of points that need to be considered before choosing a type of grass. First, you need to evaluate the situation of your Lawn. Is it shady? Are there a lot of big trees that cover the sunlight from reaching the ground? If yes, then the Bermuda grass is not the choice for you.

You need to calculate how much sunlight your Lawn gets daily and then act accordingly. If you have a lawn with a sunny environment, then Centipede, Zoysia, and Bermuda types of grasses would be the perfect choice for you. There is a minimum requirement of around 4 hours of sunlight for these types of grass to grow naturally and nicely.

However, if your Lawn is shady, Elite Tall Fescue is the perfect one. It grows well in a shadowy environment.

  1. Is it possible that your Lawn will get a lot of traffic?

You need to think about why you need the Lawn because if kids are going to play on the Lawn, it can get tricky to grow well-rooted grass. You will need grass that can tolerate heavy traffic, commonly used in sports fields such as a cricket stadium.

  1. Water needs for your Lawn

You need to check how much water you will be going to commit to your Lawn. 1 inch of water per week is recommended for a well-established Lawn, including the rainwater as well. The best grass for drought tolerance is TifTuf Bermuda which requires less than 38 percent water than the normal type of grass.

  1. Mantaience check

You might have a question in your mind about how long does it take for grass to grow. Well, it all depends on the maintenance of the Lawn. A well-maintained lawn won’t take much time to grow, and you will be looking at well-rooted grass in no time.