Some renovation tips for condo



When you buy a new launch condo, you are free from any sort of additional works to be done in that. If you are residing there for a short span, then there’s no need to think about revamping your interior. But when you buy a freehold like the Avenir condo Singapore, you can enjoy revamping and giving your interiors a customized look whenever you wish to. 

Renovating Rules of a condo 

Homeowner associations (HOAs) are accountable for managing communities or condos. These HOAs have stringent supervision over building rules that unit owners are about to follow, especially when it comes to renovating the condo.

Due to the reality that condos are attached to other units as well, the holders are staying under numerous restrictions when it is to renovate a unit as compared to the single-family homeowners. Before starting up any renovations, it is significant to evaluate your HOA’s condo renovation regulations to observe what is acceptable. You can find these actions laid out in the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions. 

If you don’t maintain the HOA’s condo laws, the committee may subject you to compensations or court time, and neither of which is leisure to deal with. So to avoid these repercussions, stay conscious and in agreement with the CC&Rs.

If you are looking to formulate your condo design yourself, here are some tips for you to make your condo look larger and more beautiful. However, these are just common advice. You will need the knowledge to know what gives off the best effect. Therefore, let us assist you with that! 

You can use mirrors 

The use of mirrors in the condo is good advice for those who wish to make their room look larger than it is. It provides a vision of depth and also reflects light, making a room look bigger. Using mirror lures along with the use of mirrors; mirrors will reflect light and bright colors better, making your room look enormous.

Furniture arrangement 

Maximize the open spaces in your apartment by positioning large pieces of furniture against the sides. Try not to arrange furniture such that they block the paths in your house as this will make your rooms look compressed. In addition, try to opt for multi-function furniture such as a sofa with a storage area beneath to enable you to save as much space as possible.

When should you search for a condo interior designer? 

You should look for a condo interior designer when you want to revise your house but are inactive to do so on your own or if you are a new homeowner looking for a different layout for your home. For new homeowners, it is recommended that you start to engage your condominium interior designer as early as four months before getting your keys to your new residence. This is so that your interior designers will have enough time to examine the designs with you and help you with a basis for equipment.

Also, if you are supposed to remodel your condo, you have to make sure that you are up to sprint with all the laws and restrictions before moving forward with any project.