The Essentials to Mastering Contemporary Interior Design


If you are looking for a fresh change for your HDB or condominium, you are probably looking for the best interior design style that is able to suit your needs and preferences. As the name suggests, contemporary interior design is a relatively recent movement, but it will most certainly fit the description. The combination of neutral elements, softened, rounded lines, and bold colours will most likely fit any home, lifestyle and taste.

To help you get a better idea of the style, we have compiled a list of the essentials for mastering custom interior design atlanta ga. As there are plenty of key elements to take note of, we will cover every aspect of this new interior concept. That way, you will get a better understanding of how to pull off a captivating and serene ambience in every room.

What is contemporary interior design?

Many people tend to confuse contemporary interior design with modern interior design style. While there are some similarities, this style is unique on its own. Unlike the cold and overtly minimal modern interior, the contemporary interior mixes classic and of-the-moment looks. The contemporary style is a more fluid concept and is constantly evolving through time. The result is often timeless thanks to its relaxed and spared take on aesthetics.

This style often exudes calming and serene vibes, with a focus on the architectural and decorative aspect. In terms of colour, you will often see bold and concise hues that create an overall warmth and sophistication. The “quiet drama” concept is to employ clean and even round lines, simplicity, and a play on texture.

These features are fundamental in creating the perfect contemporary interior design for your home.

What makes contemporary interior design so unique?

One thing that distinguishes contemporary interior design from other design styles is its ability to keep it simple and modern at the same time. There is always a satisfying harmony and balance between these two elements. In a sense, it is a perfect way for minimalists who are looking to stay away from intricacies and clutter. Ultimately, the amount of shine and curated contemporary details will perfectly fit the sea of neutrals.

Another essential feature that defines modern contemporary interior design is the element of luxe. Indeed, there must always be that little detail that adds to the timeless and classic luxurious simplicity approach. That way, you will achieve an HDB interior that will never go out of style while it is easy to update.

How to achieve a contemporary interior design?

Like any other interior style, contemporary design also has its specific traits. You should make a quick rundown of all the elements that you would typically see in a contemporary-style home. For example, you should maintain a simple flooringwith a classic wooden floor, use source lighting and mix metal and stone. Here is a more detailed look into the highlights of the style that will help you design your home effortlessly:

Contemporary Colour Palette

Blk 443B West Ridges Bukit Batok 4 Room, BTO

By now, it is clear that one of the main features of contemporary interior design is the use of a minimal colour palette. The use of neutral tones and elements is pretty standard, but they often go together with grey, black and white. That is the signature palette that defines every contemporary room.

For example, you can start with a neutral setting and build up your interior by bringing in hints of colour. That is a great way to add some bold pops of colour here and there for an instant switching of moods. Also, you can choose to paint an entire wall and keep your trims, ceiling and flooring in light tones to complement the rest of the interior.

Contemporary Furnishings

Contemporary designed furnishings are usually a blend of comfort and a hint of sophistication that has an elegant feel. The designs tend to be curvier as well. Although modern designed furnishings usually favour smooth and straight lines, contemporary furnishings are softer on the edges and in silhouette. In this regard, you should work towards using statement pieces of furniture with clean, smooth and straight lines. Typically, such furniture can serve as great conversation starters but still remain pared down.

In terms of materials and colours, think of solid hues and natural, unadorned surfaces. You can go for upholstered chairs and seats made of wool, cotton, jute, linen, and silk. Metals such as chrome, stainless steel and nickel are also popular in furnishings that boast a contemporary design concept. Do not forget to complete the looks with a few throws and pillows to complement your furniture.

Contemporary Textiles

Apart from using natural materials, you can use textiles to easily avoid making your living space feel overly cold. The play on textures, patterns and colour combinations will do more than enough to bring in the cosy vibes. Warm rugs, large and soft cushions, and even throws are more than welcome here.

Of course, while you should stick to the neutrals, you can also experiment with geometric prints and stripes. That way, you’ll add your individual take on your contemporary interior design. What’s more, you’ll achieve a sense of unexpected yet exciting aspect.

Contemporary Décor


The minimal approach when choosing furniture will undoubtedly take you a long way. Still, you will need a proper decoration to add to the finishing touch. That way, your interior will not only look less empty but also more eye-catching in terms of aesthetics.

Usually, smaller details can have a significant impact on your overall looks. They can quickly transform into conversation starters while exuding depth and personality in a minimalist atmosphere.

However, it is a good idea to go for something larger, like sculptural lamps or artwork. Just make sure they are well-balanced and are able to blend in with the rest of the interior nicely.

Contemporary Curtains

Perhaps, you love how your oversized windows give you an unobstructed and clear view. In that case, you would not want to ruin the moment with some heavy and dark curtains. Instead, you should incorporate some easily retractable ones. That way, you will maintain the minimalistic and clean look of your modern contemporary interior design.

Alternatively, you can go with some unexpected window treatments, such as wooden blinds or sheer white floor-to-ceiling curtains. They will perfectly fit in the “quiet drama” concept while making your living room or dining room more inviting.

A Contemporary Room-by-Room Guide

After you have learned the basics of nailing contemporary interior design, it is time to get into more specific details and ideas. Undoubtedly, creating a compelling and timeless atmosphere requires a more personalised and specific approach in design choice.

Luckily, these room-by-room tips will help you bring out most of the contemporary vibe that your HDB flat is able to offer.

The Contemporary Kitchen

Yishun Blk 419 5 Room HDB Resale

Typically, the contemporary kitchen embraces the minimal approach while still using a wide range of colours. The most common combination here is soothing grey, neutrals, and white. It will provide a clean look that will stand the test of time.

Apart from the colour palette, the contemporary interior design kitchen uses traditional flooring with modern cabinetry. You can choose either high-gloss or matte finishes for a subtle elegance in your cooking area.

Of course, make sure you have enough storage space to minimise the clutter you have in your kitchen space.

The Contemporary Dining Room

Similarly, the dining room does not have to be rich and cluttered either. Instead, you should focus on symmetry with an oversized table and matching chairs using stone or glass elements. Still, you can experiment with materials and combinations that will fit the modern contemporary interior design.

If your space allows, you can make a statement with a hanging lighting fixture or a pendant. Also, do not forget to add in visual interest such as a textured vase with a plant or a flower. The organic touch should be in limited doses but still enough to complement the natural ambience.

Blk 414 Bedok North 5 Room HDB Resale

The Contemporary Living Room

Most of the time, the living room is the first area of your HDB or condominium your guests will see. Therefore, you should make sure you properly commit yourself to the principles of simplicity and clean-lined shapes.

In this regard, your best shot would be to consider your colour palette wisely. You would generally want a colour scheme that would be easy on the eye. At the same time, you should bear in mind that your living room is the best place to bring out your personality.

St. Thomas, 4 Bedder Condominium

In the main space, tans, browns and whites make for a classic combination. The combination of clean lines and refined textures easily glam up the living space that give off a contemporary vibe, yet feels homely at the same time. Wooden textures provide warmth and cosiness to the interior while white opens up the space. Flooded with natural light, the living space is balanced out with subtle orange lighting that sets a warm and inviting ambience.

That’s why you can safely accessorise with some elements of interest like artwork, sculptures, vases and other extras. Besides, the two-toned rugs, cushions, throws, and sculptural lamps will suit your contemporary living room for a note of decadence.

The Contemporary Bedroom

In the same manner, you should apply all of the above-mentioned rules to your resting cove, too. A contemporary bedroom interior design employs clean and straight lines. You can incorporate tonal textures for some extra warmth and comfort with some bedding, rugs, and accessories.

St. Thomas, 4 Bedder Condominium

A myriad of earthy neutral hues provides layers of depth in the bedroom interior, where warm and cool tones that are in perfect unison provide a cosy and welcoming setting. The warmth that emanates from warm, rustic wood gives the other space an inviting look and feel that remains distinct. This is further accentuated by orange mood lighting that emanates a soft glow, draping the interior with a cosy touch.

Blk 26 Telok Blangah Crescent, 5 Room Resale HDB

A high-rise headboard feature wall in the master bedroom impresses with the use of shape and light. Through the use of a cosy palette, clean lines and the layering of different textures, this bedroom gives off a calm and relaxing ambience. That way, you will add a subtle note of richness while maintaining an elegant simplicity. Just make sure you do not overdo the styling by avoiding trims, bed skirts or anything that may look too intricate.

The Contemporary Bathroom

Last but not least, your bathroom is an ideal place to create your serene home oasis. Bring in some of your own personality through the use of unique fittings and details. Ensure there is a neat concept that exudes brightness and cleanliness. As much as possible, allow in more light to accentuate the effect.

Mi Casa, 3 Bedder Condominium

Simplify your bathroom with a monochrome white and grey colour scheme, mixing in tiles and textured wall designs. Everything is kept subtle in this bathroom, with elegant marble textured wall tiles and a terrazzo vanity countertop that adds visual interest and character to the space. The modular vanity unit comes with handleless cabinets that adhere to the minimal theme.

Final Thoughts

Modern contemporary design is nowhere near what the rest of the conventional interior styles will give you. While many people may associate contemporary interior design with modern and minimalist interiors, the in-the-now interior design delivers the best of both worlds.

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