The urge of buying OLED Television


OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode and this year it looks like it has done a good job breaking into the market. However, the question on everyone’s mind is whether it is really beneficial to purchase an oled tvs from The Good Guys to replace an LCD TV or a Plasma TV. The answer is yes, because you simply cannot deny all the features that come with this newcomer in the market.

The first thing that you will notice on an OLED TV is that the picture is brighter

This is great for dark rooms, but you might also notice the picture isn’t much better than other LCD TVs. This is not surprising, as with the current level of technology we have maximized what we can do with TV pictures. Blurred images and wavy lines are a thing of the past now, and you don’t need to wrap the antenna in aluminum foil to watch the evening news.

Next, you’ll notice how delicate this thing really is

The OLED TV doesn’t need to be affixed to a frame, so you will find the unit itself really flexible. One might remember seeing such technology in science fiction shows, and that was the most that we thought the concept would go in our lives. Well guess what, right here in the meat, or in the plastic wrap, and at a price almost anyone can get it. Flexibility won’t really affect your living room TV or watching movies, but if you suddenly feel the need to wrap the TV around a pole or hang it on a clothesline, nothing will stop you.

In an era when the whole world is ‘green’, one will wonder how HDTV OLED will affect the environment. You will be happy to know that since this TV has no backlight, its power consumption is very low compared to other power hungry LCD TVs.

It is quite evident that OLED TV will soon be a staple in many homes

Although they are now available, they are still a bit pricey, even for the smallest models. Currently, Sony and Samsung have produced decent OLED TVs, although the screen size is very small due to the cost involved in their production. Samsung offered a 40-inch OLED HDTV, but this particular model is not yet for sale. One would assume that for years to come you would be able to purchase a large one and enjoy it in your own comfortable living room.

The future is coming and our technology is developing rapidly. With a slim TV just around the corner, who knows what happens next. Stay tuned and pay your wallet because the next device is on the way!