Things to Consider While Doing Regular Pest Control

  1. Clean the kitchen: Pests are mostly found thriving in dirty and humid places. So in order to avoid the growth and/or infestation of pests, make sure that you keep your kitchen clean and hygienic. Wipe and disinfect all the counters, drawers, and kitchen cabinets regularly. Do not leave food particulars in the open, insects and pests get attracted to left over or stale food. 
  2. Clean the bathroom: Usually, pest control guides ignore bathrooms. But, keeping the bathroom clean is as important as keeping your kitchen clean. Dry out the floors after taking a shower, clean the sink and drain regularly, ensure that the drain is not clogged with hair or soap particles. These small tips will keep you covered from pest infestations. 
  3. Make sure there is no stagnant water: Pests or insects breed in water. So, allowing water to stand is equivalent to inviting pest infestations and mosquitoes. Make sure the area around your house, especially the drain, is cleaned regularly as insects like mosquitoes breed in dirty water and can cause deadly diseases such as dengue or malaria. Ensure that you dry out the buckets properly after every use. The kitchen utensils should be dried out completely as well. Another important tip to stay away from pests is to attach a pipe to your air conditioners if it leaks and do not store the water in a vessel. It is crucially essential to ensure there is no stagnant water in or around your house to avoid pests and to maintain a safe, healthy and hygienic environment at the same time.
  4. Do not keep food in the open for long: Stale food is a big no when it comes to avoiding pest infestations, germs and insects. Fruits, vegetables, left over bits of food, attracts flies and insects in no time. Store ripe fruits and vegetables in the fridge. Food kept in the open attracts biggerhouse flies, ants and cockroaches. It is difficult to get rid of these insects. 
  5. Garbage disposal: Garabage, dirt and rotten food particles are an attraction to pests and insects. Disposing off the garbage properly is an important step when you are cleaning your house and should never be ignored. Make a separate bin that is preferably bigger in size and store all the garbage of the house and keep it outside your house. Overfilled and dirty garbage bags or bins can invite pests and insects like rats, rodents and cockroaches. This can spread diseases. You need to regularly discard the waste material to maintain a safer and healthier atmosphere especially if you have children, old people and small pets residing in the house. 
  6. Clean your garden: There are lawns and small gardens outside a few apartments. It is surely a beautiful attraction but it can attract pests and insects at the same time. Block any holes or openings in the garden to avoid rat invasions. Small pits can hold water which is again very dangerous as discussed above. It is very important to clean the garden at regular intervals, cut the extra growth of plans and keep it neat and hygienic.

Hope you find this informational, thanks for reading.