What Materials Are Used to Make Patio Covers?


Are you considering building patio covers McPherson KS? How exactly do they work, and do they have a solid foundation? Do you want your money to go as far as it can?

It’s natural to wonder what makes one substance superior to another. In this article, we’ll discuss the various materials used to create patio covers in Boise, Idaho and how long they should endure if purchased from a reputable company like Butte Fence.

Utilization of Aluminum

Because it is both robust and lightweight, aluminum is frequently used for patio coverings. This makes sense, given its well-known durability and tolerance to a wide range of adverse temperatures. A quick assembly of an aluminum patio cover is possible. The metal sheets currently simply need to be attached to one another. However, if you want it done well, you may have to pay someone to do it for you.

Furthermore, aluminum patio covers are naturally resistant to insects and vermin, which wooden patio covers are not. To avoid corrosion, the metal patio cover must be coated or otherwise protected. Because of its durability and portability, aluminum is frequently utilized in construction. It’s nice to know your house is bug-free.

Vinyl Canopies for Patios

Vinyl is also commonly used as a patio cover since it can withstand high heat and rain. Patio coverings can be expected to last at least two decades due to the durability of vinyl. Vinyl is resistant to the sun’s rays and will not corrode in the sea. You won’t have to paint this material to match your home’s exterior, and it can be precast in whatever color you like. Vinyl’s material adaptability has contributed to its worldwide appeal. With the assistance of your contractor, you can design the patio cover to complement the beauty of your home.

Outdoor Space Shelters

As one might expect, the combination of aluminum and wood in Aluma wood results in a material that is both robust and artistically appealing. This material is being used to cover patios in an increasing number of business locations. Aluminum is a significant component in this material’s long life and gives it the appearance and texture of wood. Alumawood patio covers are popular due to their versatility and ease of setup. They will enhance the attractiveness of your home’s exterior by blending in perfectly with its design. Additionally, this material will not corrode and will last for a very long time.

Today’s homeowners choose this option since it ensures that they are purchasing something truly unique and long-lasting.

Outdoor Wooden Patio Canopies

Most patio covers are made of wood, which is also a fantastic match for the exterior of your home. Because of its inherent resistance to rust, corrosion, moisture, UV radiation, and rust, wood is an excellent material for patio cover construction. Wooden patio covers are the best solution in windy areas since they are robust and can withstand heavy winds. Wooden patio coverings may be simply and affordably replaced. Insects and other pests may become a regular annoyance if they find a way through your wooden patio cover.

The eternal attraction to wood stems from the fact that it is a natural material that looks good in practically any context.

Patio Cover Options with a Butte Fence

A patio cover can be a separate structure or permanently attached to an existing structure. Typically, our patio cover frames are made of vinyl 2×6 headers and vinyl 2×4 joists. Steel holds these two parts at the base together. Post installations can be done on the ground, wooden decks, or concrete. Plants or porch swings can be hung from these tough vinyl patio covers.

Your quest for the ideal vinyl patio cover may be fruitful. Our two typical louvered patio cover designs use either a 2×2 shade slat or a 1×3 shade slat. Almost every wooden object has a 2×2 grid. This a fantastic approach for giving the patio cover depth and curvature. To accommodate the 1×3 slats, the joists for a patio roof with louvers can be cut in a louver pattern. The use of straight, basic lines and the more delicate application of shade are distinguishing features of this design.

Louvers in custom-made patio covers can be fashioned to appear old or contemporary. The structural steel beams can be installed on any level surface, such as concrete, dirt, grass, or deck. Patio covers are available in white or brown. Our staff can install professional patio covers or give you the materials you need to build your own.

Patio Safety Suggestions

However, it is your job as a homeowner to keep your deck and patio in good condition. You wouldn’t want a visitor to your home to be injured because of a faulty patio or deck.

Continue reading to learn about some deck and patio safety precautions you should take.

  • Examine the deck planks to see if any of them have deteriorated. If the wood is properly treated and sealed, a deck can survive for decades. Wood, on the other hand, deteriorates over time. Tap your deck with a spade, shovel, or pitchfork to see if the wood is decaying. Wood that can be easily penetrated with a shovel or pitchfork is rotting and in need of repair.
  • Examine the railings and stairwells to see if they are in good condition. Loose or damaged stairwells and railings constitute a severe safety danger. You can test how well the railing is fastened by nudging it to see whether it moves. Check that the stairs are still flush with the deck and level.
  • Plants and trees both require pruning. Trim back any trees or plants that are crowding out your deck.
  • Your grill or fire pit must be at least 20 feet away from your house. Keep a barbeque or fire pit away from your home. A fire on your grill could start at any time. It’s not cool to relocate your barbeque or fire pit just to impress your buddies. Some embers may still be present.
  • Get rid of any mold or algae growth. These allergens thrive in the dark, shaded areas, so maintain your decks and paneling in good shape. Use a substance that will not hurt you, your pets, or the environment to remove mold and algae.

Consider the floor plan and where you want to put your furniture. Please remove any furniture from the pool fence or deck railing. Small children have an amazing ability to comprehend their surroundings. If they try to stand on particular items of furniture, they may be knocked down.


These are the most common patio roof options. Talk to your builder and conduct some research to determine what will work best for your home. More information on Butte Fence’s materials and customizing options click here.