5 Non-structural Pool Upgrades You Must Consider


Swimming pools are all about luxury and ambiance. However, the appeal and charm start reducing once they get old and outdated. In such cases, you can ramp it up by adding some non-structural upgrades.

Some ideal options you can check out are the addition of LED lighting or fire bowls for illuminating the space and improving overall aesthetic appeal. Additionally, you can think of getting pool bubblers or cascading waterfalls.

With swimming being the fifth most popular activity in the US, you will easily find a range of pool improvements. Just search non-structural pool upgrades in Salida, CA, online and check the results.

Here are five ways to give your pool a mini transformation.

Install Colored LED Lighting

Unable to use your pool during night hours? Or maybe you want to add some colorful hues to please the kids? Regardless, adding colored LED lights to your swimming pool is an idea worth considering. Not only will it improve the visual appeal of the area, but it will also make it safer. Additionally, LED lights are more environmentally friendly than incandescent bulbs and readily available in Colorado.

Get a Pool Bubbler

Installing a bubbler should be your top-shelf priority if you want to make the pool look fancier and enjoy fountain-like features. It spews water in a shallow area and exudes a calming vibe for children. Additionally, it provides numerous functional benefits like blocking any external noises from Colorado traffic or cooling the water temperature.

Start Using Sand-based Filter Systems

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your swimming pool and improve the overall water quality is by getting rid of the old filtration system. Instead, opt for the sand-based alternatives where all dirt and debris are left stuck in a gravel-sand mixture, and clear water passes through. Additionally, you can think of adding water softeners as it will cause less damage to the equipment, your hair, and your skin.

Use Pool Cascade Waterfalls

Has your swimming pool started looking drabber lately? If so, you might consider adding a cascade waterfall to give it a new look. Beginning above the pool’s waterline, such waterfalls are powered by pumps. They will improve the aesthetic appeal of the swimming pool and facilitate more water circulation, thus reducing overall temperature. You can choose the waterfall’s design and structure per your requirements in Salida.

Add a Fire Bowl

If you want to create a showstopper out of the pool, there is no better option than bringing fire and water together. A fire bowl will add ambiance to the entire area and provide warmth. If you host multiple evening parties that run till late hours, it will work ideally for your pool and add a bit of dazzle to the whole space.

Wrapping Up

Are you worried about your swimming pool’s condition and looking to make some essential changes? If so, you can look at some non-structural upgrades where you won’t have to uproot the entire structure.

These changes can be easily made as add-ons and don’t cost much compared to a complete pool makeover. Simply search non-structural pool upgrades in Salida, CA, online, and you will get a list of service providers presenting you with the right pool improvements.

Some standard options you can look into are pool bubblers or cascading waterfalls. These additions will make the water look more aesthetic and drown out any external traffic noise. Similarly, you can also consider adding fire bowls or LED lighting to improve the overall visual appeal.