The Edge Mobile Homes Have Over Traditional Homes


Real estate investment of a house or land is an expensive ordeal, especially in a well-known state like Maryland. Small families and bachelors looking for affordable alternatives with compact space and amenities can opt for tiny mobile homes in MD. They offer numerous advantages of portability, shared space, affordability, sustainability and more. Maryland is one of the most popular states for homebuyers in the US, with 2.4 million houses. 

But first, you need to understand what makes mobile homes different from traditional homes. 

While traditional homes are constructed on-site, mobile homes or modular homes are built off-site. The builders then move them to the property and place them on the land or in a tiny mobile home park. 

Are there different types of mobile homes?

Tiny mobile homes in MD come in mainly two types- single-wide homes and double-wide homes. The former is smaller, more compact models with sleek and narrower interiors. The rooms are interconnected, with hallways separating them. The double-wide versions are relatively more spacious as they have double the space as the former. The interiors resemble closer conventional homes and are ideal for single families to reside in. Home buyers must consider their budget, space requirements, renting options and amenities while choosing a mobile home.

What Are Their Advantages?

People generally have a preconceived notion regarding mobile homes as they compare them with traditional houses to conclude they are inferior. However, with the real estate crunch that the US is experiencing today, mobile homes and communities are gaining popularity. It is due to some incredible advantages that mobile houses provide. 

They Provide Affordable Housing

According to the Manufactured Housing Institute, mobile homes are more economical than conventional homes. While comparing the cost per foot, these homes cost half the amount traditional homes cost, which helps homeowners save thousands of dollars. It is a perfect option for those who have a tight budget for a comfortable home in Maryland. Home buyers also have the option of applying for Chattel loans that are not available for traditional home construction. 

They Are Sustainable

The Environmental Health Bureau of the Maryland Department of Health’s Prevention and Health Promotion Administration has instructed communities to develop clean and healthy environments around their homes by promoting healthy homes. Choosing to buy a tiny mobile home in MD, owners can be satisfied that they are making an eco-friendly choice. Companies that build these homes generate about 90% less waste than conventional ones. Additionally, transporting a mobile home to the site causes significantly less damage to the community environment, which is a plus in creating a good impression with the neighbours. 

These Homes Create A Community Bond

Living with a community of people with a similar attitude towards building residences and living exciting lives on tiny mobile homes. While it may not be as luxurious as the suburbs, it has its perks, allowing owners to interact closely with their neighbours, meet new people, form social groups, and do club activities for fitness and games.

These Homes Are Adaptable

One of the significant demerits of conventional homes is that most are predesigned and not changeable. However, with mobile, modular homes, the builders provide a catalogue of options for homeowners to choose from, and they can customise the interiors and exteriors according to their needs. They can even suggest add-ons and amenities that make the home truly theirs.

These Homes Have High Energy Efficiency 

Modular mobile homes have a high energy efficiency rating due to the Urban Development Code certification. These houses must adhere to strict energy performances, which makes them 27% more efficient than other houses with utilities.